Akkol branch

Area of activity

   Development and implementation of progressive technological processes of repair and maintenance, new repair and technological equipment, normative and technical documentation, recommendations on engineering and technical support of the machine and tractor fleet, testing of agricultural machinery, including certificated machinery.

Research and production base

    Scientific departments of the Institute include a research laboratory, an experimental production site, a laboratory for testing machines and equipment, and auxiliary facilities.

    In recent years, the staff of the branch has developed and introduced into production equipment and technologies for the servicing of machines, including efficiency of fuel supply systems, repair of agricultural machinery based on high-pressure hydraulics, rebuilding of worn out working organs of tilling machines etc.

    There are 25 people working in the institute, including 2 candidates of sciences.


474050, Akmola region, Akkol, Nurmagambetov st. 176.

Tel. +7 (316) 382-12-75

Fax: +7 (716) 382-06-43 

E-mail: kazniti2@mail.kz

web-site: www.agrotec.info