Scientific Production Center of Agricultural Engineering, LTD


SPCAE is a leading research institution in Kazakhstan, which provides technical support to the agro-industrial complex.

The structure of SPCAE includes the Head Institute, located in Almaty, Kostanai Branch (former Celinnyj Research Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture), and Akkol Branch (former Kazakh Research Technological Institute of Operation and Repair of Agricultural Machinery).

The Head Institute and its branches have research and development laboratories, and the pilot production facilities.

Main research priorities of SPCAE are the following:

-        Efficiency evaluation of technological approaches in crop production and livestock farming, adaptation of imported equipment to conditions of the soil and climate of Kazakhstan, development of recommendations for agricultural producers on purchasing and effective use of new (modern) equipment;

-        Formation of optimal machine complexes for the implementation of promising technologies for the cultivation of crops and animal welfare;

-        Justification of initial requirements and development of specific technologies for the cultivation of agricultural crops due to the soil and climatic conditions of the country, e.g. machines, which are not produced by foreign companies, in cooperation with the technological institutes of the NC "National Agrarian Scientific and Educational Center" (NC "NASEC");

-        Providing normative and methodological support to the agro-industrial complex;

-        Development of energy-saving technologies and hardware based on the principles of a "green" economy and the energy efficiency;

-        Development of information and telecommunication technologies for rapid assessment and providing an engineering and information technology support.

-        Development of recommendations on the organization of system for agricultural machinery service.

On the completed development of the Head Institute, the following machines are currently being proposed for implementation:

combined tools for main and preseeding tillage OKT-3.6, OKT- 4.2M;

ripper for solonetz soils RSP-4,2, RSP-5,4;

ripper-leveler RVP-4;

cultivator-fertilizer KRP-4,2 (5,6);

ridger drill for soy SG-3,6;

single bar mower KS-2.1Zh;

attachable double bar mower KAP-4;

machine for forage harvest (pick-up loader) MS-3;

baler PV-400V;

universal shredder DU-11;

combined feed line LPK-1;

vitamin grass meal line LVM-0,35;

pick-up shredder PIK-3;

pneumatic separator for grain pre-cleaning POVZ 5OB;

diagnostic kit for tractors KI-13896M;

kit for checking the hydraulic systems of machines KI-2035;

control device for diesel fuel equipment KI-13833

windmill pumps VV-5Т, VVU-7,5Т;

wind power units VE-5T, VEU-8B;

biogas unit BU-5.


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3 Январь, 2024
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The Institute interacts with the technological research organizations of NC "Autonomous District and machine-building enterprises. The institute creates new technical means and hands over technical documentation to plants for new technologies of crops cultivation, and animals breeding.

The Institute provides services for testing and certification of machines (Accreditation Certificate No. KZ.I.02.0156 dated December 6, 2016) and energy audit, consulting services. Including, the preparation of investment projects for the implementation of innovative technologies and technical means in agricultural production, the formation of optimal farm machinery complexes.

Development of the Institute

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