Kostanai branch

Area of activity

  • applied and experimental design work in crop and animal breeding sectors
  • development and implementation of methods for the formation of optimal technological machines complexes structures and rules for the effective use in zonal conditions
  • development and introduction of resource-saving technologies and technical means for agricultural production
  • creation and small-scale production of agricultural machines, tools and equipment
  • carrying out certification, acceptance and other types of testing for new foreign and local agricultural machinery and its adaptation to the soil and climatic conditions of the region
  • development of standards, normative documents on methods of agricultural machinery testing
  • advanced training of engineering personnel in agroindustrial complex

Research and production base

     The structural subdivisions of the Institute are six scientific laboratories, a design office, a laboratory for testing and certification of technology, the only scientific and technical library in Kostanay oblast with a patent stock, an experimental production and a car-and-tractor fleet. It includes the necessary structures for the organizational support of full-cycle scientific research, from literary and patent searches to the introduction of developed machines, tools and equipment into production. The area occupied by the institute takes 6.8 hectares, the total area of buildings is 22 thousand m2.

     The testing laboratory is accredited in the Republic of Kazakhstan system and included in the interstate register of testing laboratories of the Customs Union countries. More than 400 samples of agricultural machinery, equipment, tractors, grain and forage harvesters, trucks and cars have been tested over fifteen years of work in the laboratory.

     The experimental production produces prototypes of agricultural machines, as well as small-scale production of the developed equipment for agricultural enterprises. The production facilities, with a total area of more than 5.3 thousand m2, are equipped with the necessary machine-tool fleet and equipment. More than 30 types of machinery are produced by orders, which are in great demand among commodity producers in the Northern region of Kazakhstan.

     The Institute staff numbers more than 100 people, including 20 research workers, two doctors of technical sciences, six candidates of technical sciences, one PhD and ten masters of agricultural sciences. Over 100 machines and equipment have been developed in the institute. About 400 copyright certificates and patents have been received for scientific development.


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