The Laboratory for designing agricultural machinery and equipment

Chief of the laboratory Darkhan Kabdikalikovich Karmanov

About the Laboratory

     The Laboratory for designing agricultural machinery and equipment, formerly known as the Zonal Design Bureau (ZKB), was established in 1978. The laboratory develops design documentation and normative documents of experimental and prototypical models of machines and equipment for the needs of agriculture in Kazakhstan on the basis of the technical task and generalization of research works, modeling of objects using 3D technology.

     The laboratory developed more than 600 pieces of machinery and equipment in the field of crop production. The laboratory deals with feed production, fodder preparation and renewable energy sources, author supervision of machinery manufacture and equipment is carried out.

     Today, according to the design documentation of the laboratory, about 20 models of agricultural machinery are produced in the experimental shop of the institute: plough PBS-4; ripper-leveler RVP-4; attachable subsurface cultivator KPN-4; combined tool OK-3; attachable disc harrow BDN-2,4; drill-ridger SG-3,6; single bar mower KS-2.1Zh; roller baler PV-400V; Compact forage shredder DIK-1,5; universal shredder DU-5.5; feed processing plant AKM-4; small-scale feed mixer SK-1; Combined feed line LPK 1,5; two-module wind power unit VE-5Т-2М; windmill-driven water lift VV-5T; biogas unit BU-5 and MBU; aeroplane hothouse.  

     The laboratory team has published more than 300 academic works, and created more than 100 inventions.

Area of activity 

  • designing of agricultural machinery;
  • development of design documentation
  • design and development of 3D models
  • author's supervision over the manufacture of machinery and equipment.


  • The laboratory provides services for the design and development of design documentation for experimental and prototype machines, for  scanning and  printing of objects or parts on 3D printer