The Laboratory of crop growing mechanization

Head of the laboratory Valeria Pavlovna Goloborodko  

About the  Laboratory

   The laboratory is the successor of the mechanization units for the cultivation of grain and cultivated crops since the foundation of KazRIMEA. For 70 years of the institute's activity, the name of these structural subdivisions changed many times. But the goals and objectives have remained unchanged.

    In the 60-70s the first generation of anti-erosion machines was developed: snowplough-swath maker SVU-2,6; coulisse drill KSP-2; basin harrow LOD-10; subsurface tiller KPP-2,2; deep tillers-fertilizers KPGU-250 and KPGU-2,2; cultivator drill SZS-2,1 and SZS-2.1M. 

     In the 80-90s the second generation of anti-erosion machines was developed, KPSH-5, KPSH-9 and KPSH-11; tool for tillage of perennial grasses  layer OPT-3-5; deep tillers-fertilizers  GUN-4; snowplough-swath maker SVSH-7 and SVSH-10; drills SZS-6 and SZS-12; Tools for preseeding tillage OP-8 and OP-12.

     The production of anti-erosion machines was mastered at the factories of Kazakhstan and Russia. This allowed to increase the volume of soil-protecting agriculture in the country to 60 million hectares by the mid 80s, up to 22 million hectares in Kazakhstan. For the development, production and implementation of anti-erosion machines, a group of specialists from Kazakhstan, including A.P. Gribanovsky , was awarded with the USSR State Prize in the field of science and technology.

    For the cultivation of grain crops on irrigated lands of the South of Kazakhstan, the following machines were developed: ridger-coverer GOF-2,8; vegetable drill-tiller SFO-2,8; deep cultivator GPU-2,8; drill-ridger SG-2.8 for seeding winter wheat on the ridges. Production of these machines was carried out at the experimental plant of KazRIMEA.

    Today the third generation of machines is being developed: universal tool for deep subsurface loosening of soil UPO-4 for tractors of class 4-5;  subsurface cultivator KPN-4 for tractors of class 2;  tilling modular complex SKBM-12 for the tractors of different classes; Tillage equipment OK-3,6; ridger-drill SGS-4,2 for the cultivation of soy and other crops according to ridge technology; three-tier subsurface cultivator with the device for fertilizer applization KPTG-2,8; Seeder unit for preseeding tillage, drip tape arranging, film stretching and seeding under drip irrigation KPA-2; combined tools for surface and chisel soil cultivation OMRCHP-4; ripper-leveler for irrigated area RVP-4.

     The developed machines and tools are produced by the request of farmers at the pilot plant of KazRIMEA LLP.

    During the existence of the laboratory, the staff published more than 2140 scientific works, 140 recommendations, 40 textbooks, 127 patents for inventions. Based on the materials of the research 9 dissertations were defended for the academic degree of the doctor of technical sciences and 11 for the degree of candidate of technical sciences. 

Research direction

  • Development of technical means for carrying out technological operations while cultivating various agricultural crops on irrigated lands of Kazakhstan


  • The staff of the laboratory conducts consultations for farmers on the exploitation of the technology developed by the laboratory, as well as on the choice of technology for the cultivation of crops