The Laboratory of energy saving, automation and renewable energy sources

Chief of the laboratory Rashit Abdigaravovich Omarov

About the Laboratory

    The history of the laboratory dates back to the 1950s. The windmill aggregates DDK-4 and KIMESKH D-3, horse pumping unit KV-1 were developed at the beginning. The units were produced by Semipalatinsk and Toguzak mechanical plants, at the plants of the 20 years of October (T.G. Dukhov, M.A. Datsevich, P.M. Kaplan, V.E. Andrianov). In the following years, the fields were expanded, and during the structural changes, new laboratories were created.

    Under the guidance of Professor L.S. Seitbekov member of NAS RK, processes of primary karakul sheep breeding production were developed basing on scientific technologies. The equipment for slaughtering lambs and primary processing of the products of karakul sheep breeding production was put into production. The equipment included lamb slaughtering and peeling equipment, primary processing of abomasum, waste processing, degreasing, salting of skins, drying and cleaning skins, as well as processing and obtaining protein pellets from slaughter waste. The equipment was exported abroad and almost all large karakul sheep breeding farms of the Republic were equipped with it (G.E. Nepsha, R. Esensariev, A.A. Abdikairov, M.K. Kaliaskarov, R.A. Omarov, M.A. Arikhov and others).

    Under the leadership of R.M. Kaplan the foundations of mechanization production processes in sheep breeding were established and the system of technical means for pasture water supply was developed. In particular, dipping unit for sheep, air water lifts VV-50 and VVL-3-50, small belt water lifts VLM-S and VLS-50, cleaner of shafts OSHK-30, packer devices to an electric submersible pump UPG-140, UPG-168 and UPG-219 (A.A. Yakovlev, I.K. Kaskarauov, A.N. Mareyev, A.B. Kunyrbaev etc.).

    Under the leadership of L.A. Baranov a series of electrode water heaters EVN-16A, EVN-25, EVN-6/9 and EVN-63/04, sets of equipment for hot water supply with accumulation of heat KOGV-1000/25 and KOGV-2500/60 were developed. EVN-16, EVN-25, and also KOGV-1000/25 were produced at the Republic's plants (V.I. Barkov, E.P. Veselova, O.Yu. Krasheninnikov, I.T. Aldibekov, I.Ya. Berezovskaya, N.G. Gubanova).

    In the 70s, during the development of sheep breeding complexes, under the leadership of R. Sh. Galimbaev an electric mobile feeder with a contact-cable power supply EK-10 and battery feeder was developed, mobile ultraviolet unit for ray treatment young animals (R.A. Omarov, S.Zh. Sharipbaev, A.I. Ilinnykh, etc.)

   Developed under the guidance of E.B. Nesterov the wind-electric VE-5Т-2М and the wind-lifting ВВ-5Т units were implemented in 32 farms of Akmola, Aktobe, Almaty Atyrau, East Kazakhstan, Zhambyl and Karaganda regions in the framework of the UNDP and GEF project on "Management of arid lands" under the auspices of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the World Bank.

    Technical means for tools have been developed  in recent years for the energy supply of agricultural processes: Installation for integrated use of solar energy, heat of atmospheric air, ground, secondary heat of technological processes, including heat released by animals, cooled products; Helio-electric heat installation (GETU-25) with helio-electric water heater and steam generator; wind-electric plant with capacity of 8 kW; biogas unit with a capacity of 5 cu. m.

    The laboratory develops the following projects: Microprocessor control system for feed preparation; heat pump of concentric design with improved technical and economic indicators; combined photovoltaic system for power supply of farms; photoelectric module for power supply of drip irrigation systems; bioreactor for waste processing and liquid organic fertilizer production; Information systems for monitoring, data processing, visualization of results and decision support in the agro-industrial complex; Universal mobile unit for milking, valuation and veterinary processing of camels.

    Over the years, the laboratory published more than 1,000 scientific articles, published 25  monographs and more than 50 recommendations.  The laboratory's projects is protected by more than 150 USSR  author's certificates and patents of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Scientists of the laboratory are preparing 5 doctoral students and more than 12 master's students.

 Research directions

  • Development of technologies and technical means for energy supply of processes in agriculture on the basis of combined use of renewable energy sources 
  • Development of units for autonomous power supply of small and medium-sized farms on the basis of RES
  • Development of intelligent control systems for agricultural machines and equipment, and technological processes
  • Development of technologies and equipment for the production of organic fertilizers and biofuels from livestock and crop waste
  • Creation of information systems for decision support (DSS) in the field of engineering and technical support of agricultural production


  • Conducting seminars and field days, consulting services for farmers. Development of theoretical and technical issues related to the improvement and development of machines and units for energy-efficient supply of agricultural processes.  

Over the past 3 years, more than 30 consulting services have been provided  for the preparation of tender documents, applications for grants for production of high-tech products with the development of business plans.