The Laboratory of processes mechanization for improving pastures and forage conservation

Chief of the laboratory Anuarbek Suinbekovich  Adisheleev

About Laboratory

      In 1961, the Laboratory of Processes Mechanization for Improving Desert and Semidesert Pastures was founded at KazRIMEA, which was guided by Candidates of Technical Sciences such as A.G. Batyrshin, A.P. Bocharov, V.T. Soldatov until 1991. In addition, in 1963 the laboratory for mechanization of silage crops and herbs harvesting, which was then transformed into the laboratory for the mechanization of harvesting and gathering herbs, which was headed by Candidates of Technical Sciences Loktev N.Ya., Leshko V.N. and Aidarbekov A.O. Doctor of Technical Science. In 1991, on the basis of these laboratories, the laboratory of forage machines was founded and headed by Zhortyulov O.Zh. Dr.Sc., which since 2012 is headed by Adilsheev A.S. Dr.Sc. and in 2015 it was transformed into the Laboratory of Processes Mechanization for Improving Pastures and Forage Conservation.

   The main developments on Processes Mechanization for Improving Pastures are: Drill SST-3; Seed Harvester PSM-3; Drill SPR-5,6; Seeding units APP-3,6 and APP-2,8; Seed catchers for headers ZhVN-6А and ZhNS-6-12; Device PSK-5 for combines (Batyrshin A.G., Bocharov A.P., Soldatov V.T., Leshko V.N., Andreychuk A.L., Sadykov Zh.S., Aydarbekov A.O. and others .).

  The following machines were developed for forage conservation: equipment for hay drying with active ventilation OVS-16 and mower with a pneumatic conveyor KMK-4 (Loktev N.Ya., Leshko V.N., Aidarbekov A.O., Dyusenov S., Zhumatov S.D., etc.).

    Over the recent years a lot of projects has been carried out to improve technical means for forage conservation and the following prototypes of machines were developed : single bar mower KS-2.1Zh; double bar mower KDP-4,0M; mower KAP-4,0 with a working width of 4,0 m and mower-conditioner KP-3,0 with an improved drive mechanism for the cutting device; Round baler PR-400V with cam mechanism of pressing rollers; Baler PT-160 (Zhortyulov O., Adilsheev A.S., Zhumatov S.D.).

     The laboratory develops the following projects: combined tool for improving pastures; technology and machines for harvesting and storage of high-quality haylage in rolls wrapped in film: header for double-fraction mowing; wrapper and tilter of rolls, and mounted grass harvester with an improved drive mechanism of the cutting device; universal machine for harvesting leaf material, alfalfa seeds and equipment for obtaining high-quality extruded pellets and preparing seed material.

     Over 400 scientific articles were published by the laboratory staff, 100 author's certificates for inventions, 20 preliminary and innovative patents of the Republic of Kazakhstan were received, 4 books, 6 booklets, 6 recommendations and 2  analytical reviews were published. Based on the materials of the laboratory's research, 5 doctoral and 17 candidate's dissertations were defended. Scientists of the laboratory are preparing 5 doctoral students and 10 master's students.

Research direction

  • Development of resource-saving technology and technical means for improving degraded pastures and hayfields 
  • Development of resource and energy-saving technologies and technical means for forage conservation


  • Conducting seminars and field days, consulting services for farmers.

Over the past 3 years, more than 20 consulting services have been provided on the application of modern machinery for harvesting high-quality forage