The Production department of experimental machines


Head of the department Klimentiy Borisovich Kim

    In 1959 the Experimental Plant of the Kazakh Research Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture was founded on the basis of former Tastak machine and tractor station.

    By the end of the 70's the plant has grown into a well-equipped manufacturing enterprise, capable of manufacturing virtually any machinery, tool and part for the needs of agricultural production. Later experimental plant was included in the Scientific and Production Association "Kazselkhozkhanizatsiya" on the rights of a structural unit. The plant was completely transferred to the manufacture of the new equipment for science purposes. Measures have been taken to update and increase technological areas.

     The plant has a high level of technical equipment and extensive experience; high qualification of workers, engineers and employees allowed the plant to carry out a large volume of complex experimental machines, tools and parts for mechanization of labor-intensive work in agricultural production, and especially, in sheep breeding.

    The plant produced about 600 model and experimental models of machines, based on the documentation of the design office and third-party customers. The following pilot batches of machines were manufactured: more than 120 thous. pcs. of noninversing plough PR-75, more than 6350 pcs. of attachments for seeders, 7585 pcs. of heating boilers,  150 sets of watering units KVO-4; 45 sets of feed processing unit KCO-15;  50 pcs. of feed grinder DIK-100, 10925 psc, of machine for cattle veterinary handling FZHR-1 etc. Pins for sweep rake KUN were produced in serial production, up to 150,000 pieces per year. In 1987 there were 146 people working at the plant. The annual output was more than 1570 thousand US dollars.

    The plant annually produced and transferred the following items to agricultural enterprises: 25 sets of lambing barns and watering units for fattening of 10 thousand sheep; 20 sets of equipment for slaughtering karakul lambs and rough processing of skins; 20 sets of equipment for salting karakul skins; 1000 pieces of head locks for cattle during veterinary handling and animal branding; 40 food mixers; 30 machines for separation of garlic into cloves, and at the same time the plant produced more than 50 items of individual experimental and small machines, tools and parts.

     Currently, the staff of the workshop of experimental machines is 21 people. The workshop is equipped with 60 units of machine tools and other equipment, for example, such as sheet shears HB 425, air-plasma cutting machine with CNC, combined press shears HB 5223, pendulum cut-off machines, cutting band saw, RMB- 12OM roll forming machine, welding semi-automatic PDG-250.

Area of activity

  • manufacturing and factory testing of the developed machines and equipment in "KazRIMEA" LLP for verification of their reliability
  • production and implementation of machines and equipment prototypes for agricultural producers